depend on more factors than just optimizing your website with unique coding.

It must have intelligent language that is aimed at the specific audience you are trying to reach.

It must also contain "call to action" buttons urging the user to interact with the website.

The technical aspect of SEO starts with Step 1, below:

Step 1

When your website is optimized for Google, it will also become more visible on    +    and other more minor Search Engines.

Step 1 actually consists of 3 important parts


Step 1A - Responsive-ize

Responsive websites can be seen on all devices.  The display of the website adjusts to the screen size that is being used.


Step 1B - Mobile-ize

Even if you are happy with the look of your current 20th century website it needs to be modified so that Mobile Users can see it properly


Step 1C - Optimize

Once your website is optimized with our Search Engine Optimization techniques, Google and other Search Engines will be happy and place your site higher in their search results.

everyone's situation is different

Step 2 - Social Media is important - although time consuming when it is done right

Sharing your website's content with Social Media sites is crucial.

You should also have your own Twitter account, a Facebook fan page and/or Google+ Page.

If you don't already participate in this practice, we will set up your Social Media pages for you.

Once the pages are set up they will need content. The pages will have to be constantly updated with new information. If you have the time, you can do the updates yourself. However, if you would rather attend to your own business and leave the web stuff to us, we will do an intelligent, excellent job for you!

Step 3 - Don't forget about your reputation

Your reputation is is what other people think about your business. We will steer your reputation to be positive whenever possible.

Search engines decide what should be shown on social media, business directories and reviews. Our job for you is to make sure that all share the same positive story.

Monitoring and prioritizing your business' reviews is important. When you employ us, we choose sites which are influential for review seekers. We also ensure that your positive reviews are prominently displayed.

The presence of social media has given the customer power. When you engage with customers through social media, you are able to put a human face on your company. It is a good place to solidify your reputation.